League Fees

Session fees are for an 8 week session that includes 7 regular scheduled games plus the eighth week which is the “Championship/Finals”. Games will not play on National Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years day) as well as special event days.


Email emmanuel@omahaindoorsoccercenter.com for current pricing.


If you have committed a team and cancel within one week of the start of the session, or after the session has already begun, there will be a penalty fee of 25% of what your team was supposed to pay.

If you cancel but find another team to fill your slot, then the penalty fee is reduced to 15% of the total.


There is a $100.00 session registration fee due a minimum of 1 week prior to the start of the session you are registering for. When you register your team online you will be required to pay the “registration fee” in order to complete your team’s registration. This $100.00 will be subtracted from your team’s total Session fee at your first scheduled game with the remaining balance due in FULL by the the team’s third scheduled game. Payments can be made online with PayPal. 

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